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This 9-day program is the perfect combination of art, history, culture of Northern Italy with a focus on the Jewish tradition and heritage. With a nice blend of guided visits and free time you will explore art city of Bologna. After that you will continue to Veneto Region and the cities of Padua and Venice. ... CONTINUE READING


2 nights Venice | 2 nights Florence |2 nights Cinque Terre | 3 nights Tuscany |1 night Rome Discover the arts, culture, beautiful landscapes of Italy with us . During this 11-day program you will explore the main “Italian Art Cities”, spend 2 nights in the quaint fishing villages of Cinque Terre where you can ... CONTINUE READING


3 nights Rome | 2 nights Florence | 2 nights Venice If you like art and history and you are in love for Italian food & wines the Italian Gourmet Tour is the perfect program for you. Explore the three main “Italian Art Cities”: Rome, Florence and Venice with theirs famous palaces, churches and art ... CONTINUE READING


3 nights Cinque Terre Area | 4 nights Tuscany countryside Tuscany and Cinque Terre are among the most popular destination of Italy. During this 8 days tour you will enjoy the culture, the history and the beautiful landscapes offered by these regions.