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3 nights Rome | 2 nights Florence | 2 nights Venice If you like art and history and you are in love for Italian food & wines the Italian Gourmet Tour is the perfect program for you. Explore the three main “Italian Art Cities”: Rome, Florence and Venice with theirs famous palaces, churches and art ... CONTINUE READING


3 nights Rome | 2 nights Florence | 2 nights Venice Enjoy the three main arts cities of Italy Rome, Florence and Venice in a group of max. 16 people. The  program that starts in Rome where you will discover the Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel and the St Peter’s Basilica and the most famous sights ... CONTINUE READING


3 nights Chianti | 2 nights Florence | 3 nights Rome Tuscany is one of the most popular region of Italy. Beautiful landscapes, arts and history and above all great wines and food. These 9 days program is a nice blend of guided tours, food and wine tasting, cooking class and time at leisure. Explore ... CONTINUE READING